Provably Fair

To make sure each and every game presented on our website are fairly random we ve introducing you to our Provably Fair system.

The round secret
  • The round secret is generated at the beginning of the round but only shown at the end, and it's meant to encrpyt the winner percentage and allow you to verify the winning ticket via the round identifier.
The round hash
  • The round hash is an md5 string that is given at the beginning of the round, it is generated by joining the round secret with the winner percentage, separated by a "-", so a round hash is an md5 encrypted string of [roundSecret]-[winningPercentage]
Here is how the winner ticket is counted:
  • var real = random.real(0,1,false); // generating random real from 0 to 1 (not including 1)
    var salt = generateToken(8); // generating random 8-char string
    var hash = sha1(real+':'+salt); // hash proves, that we are not changing salt or real at any time after it was generated

    // bank - game bank in tickets(10 tickets for 1 cent)
    var winticket = Math.floor(bank*real);
Verify a round:
  • To help you verify a round, we created this small helper tool that runs completly on the client side. If you're a developer feel free to check the source code, we added everything inline to allow you to see exactly what the code is doing over a quick inspection.

So, to prove we are not changing the "real" variable during the game, you can use or form down below to check.

If you thinking, that we send this data to our server and lying you about it legitimness, you can turn off your internet connection and without reloading page use this form.

You can also check out javascript behind this in "main.js" file.